Weekly portraits of peace

The stories that permeate our newsfeed have become increasingly dark lately. Abuse, discrimination, oppression, violence, and war are global problems that all countries and people face. In an effort to shine a light on some of the individuals who stand against injustice and advocate for peace, we decided to create a series of digital stamps featuring portraits of these heroes, one for each sovereign nation.


Illustration Series

Peace Post mini-documentary
Site landing and individual profile
Inspirational stamps


The process begins by researching each countrys history, the person, and the regional artistic styles, schools, and movements found there. We then incorporate the artistic references, techniques, and mediums into the likeness of the chosen peace advocate. So why stamps? Stamps have a long history of commemorating important people and events. Stamps are collectible and shareable. Perhaps most importantly, stamps represent a vehicle of correspondence and dialogue, initiating the latter being the ambition and objective of the project.

Timelapse of Joe Moses, Papua New Guinea by Stephen Lim
Woodblock printing of ‘Akilisi Pōhiva, Tonga by Johnny Selman
Charcoal portrait of Raed Al Saleh, Syria by Johnny Selman
Sawing a wood portrait of Jenipher Sanni, Malawi by Connor Linde
Oil pastel of Jose "Pepe" Mujica, Uruguay by Johnny Selman
One of the most satisfying things about this project is global interconnection. Peace Post affords us the opportunity to work with great artists who share ties to the region or the story of the individuals they are depicting. ”
Christopher Schroeder, Executive Producer
Alfonso García Robles, Mexico by Richard Perez
Tomo Križnar, Slovenia by Nejc Prah
Tuisina Ymania Brown, Samoa by Julian Mei
Pablo Picasso, Spain by Javier Jaén
Peace Post Vol. 1 book and supporter pin
A brief view of the Peace Post website

Selman Team

Albert Chang
Anne Di Lillo
Christopher Schroeder
Connor Linde
Drew David Park
Hanjoon Kim
Jennie Soccio
Johnny Selman
John Paul Chirdon
Jordan Tran
Katie King Rumford
Megan Greig 
Meryem Kettani
Nicole Motta


Adam Ames
Albert Chang
Alex Stikeleather
Alexia Navarro
Alyssa Kalbus
Amina Abdellatif
Amina Wafaa Berrais
Amy Cruz
Ana Hoxha
Ana Jaks
Ana Kim
Ana Matsusaki
Ang Bamundo
Anique Frederick
Anna Dawson
Anne Di Lillo
Arielle Martins
Aya Ghanameh
Beto Garza
Carla Zorrilla
Christopher Schroeder
Clara Kirkpatrick
Claudia Gorena
Connie Leung
Connor Linde
Daniela Jordan-Villaveces
Danii Pollehn
Drew David Park
Egle Plytnikaite
Eloïse Heinzer
Eugene Lee
Evan Anthony
Florine Glück


Fran Matos
Gheleyne Bastiaen
Giulia Zoavo
Grace Song
Hangama Amiri
Hanjoon Kim
Hye-jin Lee
Irina Kiro
Islenia Mil
Ismani Sun
Jack Storie
Jade Goodwin
Javier Jaén
Jenae Bell
Jennie Soccio
Jerald Saddle
Jess Brett
Jessica Barbon
Joana Taya
John Custer
John Paul Chirdon
Johnny Selman
Jonee Kreuz
Jordan Tran
Joshua Chiang
Julian Mei
Julie Cho
Julie Flett
Julie Sauerwein
Katie King Rumford
Katie Ponder
Kelsy Di Giovanni
Kokab Zohoori-Dossa


Lauren Pedrosa
Lena Gwen
Luciano Cian
Luis Villeda
LuLu La Nantais
Lynn Atieno
Maleyka Khojanazarova
Maria Francesca Melis
Mateja Kovac
Matthew McDaniel
Megan Greig
Mira Miroslavova
Monica Obaga
Naomi Likayi
Nasheen Jahan Nasir
Nejc Prah
Nick Johnson
Nick Shea
Nickson Kimaro
Oliver Mettle
Patrick Adams
Richard Perez
Richie Guzman
Robert Ball
Samuel Ansah Blay
Stephanie Singleton
Stephen Lim
Taller Estampa
Tashi Wangmo Gyeltshen
Tatjana Junker
Taylor Slyder
Trevor Davis
Veronyka Jelinek
Yukai Du