selmandesign is a creative studio based in New York City.

We’re a team of designers and producers who work with a wide range of clients to create comprehensive identity systems, develop brand strategies, and design packaging, exhibits, experiences, books, websites, commercials, advertisements and applications. Our office is in South Street Seaport, along the Manhattan waterfront. Come join us for an overpriced taco.

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For all inquiries, please contact: hello@selmandesign.com

19 Fulton Street
Suite 307
New York, NY 10038




Staying informed and keeping up with the news is something that is vital to our team and shapes our approach to design. Sometimes we even make news of our own. This is the place to stay current with our speaking engagements, awards, studio happenings and collaborations with our friends and clients.

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Our approach to design has always been rooted in the practice of reducing the complex down to its simplest form. We believe that is the best way to understand the subject and ultimately convey the idea in the clearest way possible for our clients.

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Working with the New York Times and other magazines and newspapers is a passion for everyone on the team. The turn times are blistering and the process is exhilarating. We take topical articles and create digestible and sometimes provocative images that get to the root of the subject matter.

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Studio initiated projects are fundamental to the creative balance at Selman Design. Johnny jump-started his career with BBCx365, where he designed and published a year of world news in posters. Continuing with this precedent, we love to indulge our curiosities and our passions to create thought-provoking art that informs the viewer and promotes a positive message, often centering around themes of peace.

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We love to make things. Maybe we’ve made something you love too. Look through our shop and bring the love home.

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